PUSD is a stable coin that can be exchanged one-to-one with BSC USDT or ETH chain USDT. Because there is no native stable coin in the ETHW ecosystem so far, each DEX has issued its own stable coin.

We can find that each DEX supports different stablecoins, because they do not disclose their stablecoin contracts, so we have to use the protocol of anyswap to build our own Bridge and stable coin.

Since some DEXs do not disclose their stable coin contracts, there are certain security risks, and some DEXs name their own stable coins USDT, which will cause confusion to users because it is not the real USDT issued by Tether.

We will soon launch the bridge and publish the contract when it is launched to ensure security and transparency. In addition, the ETHW core team is actively connecting with Tether, and progress has been made. Once the native USDT token is issued in the ETHW ecosystem, we will support the one-to-one exchange between PUSD and native USDT.

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