Power Man NFT

In order to better empower the PowerSwap ecosystem, we will issue 10000 Power Man NFTs. These NFTs not only have unique artistic value, but also many utilities. We will launch NFT mint in late-October.

Of the 10,000 NFTs, 8,500 are for whitelisted users, the mint price is 0.001, and 1,000 are for users not in the WL, the mint price is 0.01ETHW, 500 reserved for our team and marketing events. The whitelisted users are given priority to mint, and the valid period is 1 hour. After the whitelisted mint time expires, the non-whitelisted users will start mint, and the valid period is also 1 hour. After the time expires, all NFTs that have not been mint will be burned. We will give away the whitelist places to our early supporters.

Power Man NFT has different scarcity, holding Power Man NFT has the following privileges

1 Holders get Power Swap transaction fee airdrop.

2 Holders get the token airdrop of the Power Swap partner project.

3 Holders get yield farm mining boost.

4 Staking NFT for mining POWER.

5 Holders can participate in the follow-up project IFO.

6 We will take 10% profit of Powerswap to buy back and burn POWER MAN NFT.

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